Crotchet fashion

Can we really have enough of these latest fashion trend of crochet?…

Crochet fashion is one of the modern fashion trends that has emerged with a big impact in our daily dress codes. From those who work in offices to those who do the blue collar jobs. These clothing are handmade and therefore more comfortable to wear and cheaper compared to other clothing. It has diverse trends and designs depending on the purpose of your wear. The idea behind this designs is to make one comfortable and free with no feeling of extra weight on the body. These diverse trends come in sweater, sweater tops, mavins, socks, bags or even hoodies or even ear rings.

Compared to other clothing, crochet has patterns that will easily help you choose when and where to wear a certain type of crochet clothing. Moreover they are comfortable since they are handmade therefore they fit you perfectly.

Furthermore, they blend in with most clothing i.e African tops and skirts, mummy jeans. This makes it able to be worn in different occasions i.e parties, office hours, dates and at home when chilling with friends and family. Try matching it from top to bottom and bring out the stunning look as shown below.

Check out the knitted bikini crochets. Light and comfortable. In addition to that, they dry quicker and are easier to wash.

these crochet trend is here to stay because of its many benefits and advantages it has to the modern society and climate. It favours both generations and all type of weather,making it so important and highly demanded by people. the question still remains, can we really have enough of these trend?…


Athletes mindset and mentality.

motivational talk

Have you ever wondered why there is a difference between athletes who compete? Do you know why at the end of every competition there is always a winner and a loser?.. But i bet you know how to give praise to the winner and discriminate the loser or even looking down on him/her. The difference between a winner and a loser is the mindset. They all go to compete and all wan to win. What tells the difference is the mindset. The one who wants it more will always give all he/she has to get what he/she wants.

Winning doesn’t come easily but it has a foundation, a root, it must be planted, watered, weeded and taken care of, just like a tree that is expected to bare fruits.

In a race, the difference between the first and the last is the amount of work they put in to gain their positions in that race. Most athletes go with the quote “if you think training is hard try losing”. The pain that one goes through training does not hurt as much as that of when one has lost to someone else. That is when it will hit you that you need to put in more work. Some athletes crack down and some resign because they are weak. But the strong one push on and take the loss as a motive to help them work on what the lugged behind on. Those who do that come back and show a great improvement just because they are strong mentally.

As s an athlete do you create the difference or wait for someone to create it for you. If you are the waiting lot then, then there is no room for competition in your world. Athletes create the differences and inspire people in different ways. Be strong mentally, be disciplined and work hard.